So why the name massage fix?

Well both my wife and I take a more clinical approach to our massages so that our clients experience relief from their areas of concern. However we also do it in such a way that’s relaxing and comfortable. People come to us to get ‘their fix’ so to speak because they enjoy the experience but also get results.


after so many years of massage experience, what has surprised you most?

That’s a tough one because I’ve learned and enjoyed so much about this art. The magnitude of the healing potential massage offers completely shocked me while attending school and in my practice.  The immense amount of energy that can come from a healer’s hands…clients often comment on how hot my hands can get.


Now you speak of healing, do you have some examples for us?

As a preface, I do not claim to know it all or see massage as a cure all. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t even think massage practitioners can legally claim to be able to cure any sort of ailment; that privilege lies with medical professionals who have the necessary credentials. When we use the word “fix” in our business name, it simply refers to the healing relief massage offers and at times it can even be addicting but hey, if you’re going to have a vice, massage has got to be one of the healthiest ones!

With all that said, I have witnessed a client with no motion in her neck following a car accident have complete mobility restored after just one session with her.

I cannot count the number of people who have had back pains, sciatic issues, forearm pain, headaches and so forth who have commented on the pain having completely vanished.

I have had the honor of experimenting with a client who had fibromyalgia, only to be surprised that it was possible to release every tender point over time without having them come back.

This last one is dear to my heart because it involved a woman who thought her tailbone had been broken during child delivery but it hadn’t healed after 1 year of agonizing pain. Finally an x-ray was taken and to her surprise, the bone was not broken…the issue was soft tissue related. I was able to release all of the restrictions surrounding the tailbone after a few sessions and she is now pain free.


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why did you become a massage therapist?

Why wouldn’t I! (laughs). I’ve been the beneficiary of multiple healing experiences, having received bodywork from my very own private massage therapist. I wanted to be able to offer that same experience to others. It’s so fulfilling beyond words.

what are the benefits of going to a private massage therapist over a spa?

Clients come to private massage therapists such as us because there’s a stronger trust relationship that can be built between the actual therapist and client rather than the client and the spa business. There’s a greater sense of autonomy and nurturing for our clients that may be elusive with a bigger business model. Many clients would rather be treated by a private therapist than an employed therapist because clients feel we care more about them and our work. This isn’t always the case but clients really do LOVE to find there own private therapist…a hidden treasure…a serene escape from the bustling city so to speak.

What sets you apart from the rest?

Now that’s a fantastic question and one that I’d rather defer to our clients. We absolutely LOVE it when you write reviews on Google, Yelp and so forth answering this very question. Check out our reviews if you’re interested in what others are saying.


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